Buddy and Me
172082976 Year: 2016
Google Street View slideshow/video

Using Google Street View, tracking the two Google employees who teamed to capture images across Paris La Defense's buildings.
Incidental selfies ensue.
Imagining a new narrative.

Suite Vénitienne (suite)
169549534 Year: 2016
Video loop : 7:45mn
Google Street View slideshow/video

After Sophie Calle's "Suite Vénitienne".
Following a Google employee, using Google Street View, through a non labyrinthine part of Venice, around the Palazzo Grassi.
- 700km away from Venice,
- Browsing pictures from the past,
- Following a stranger,
- Coming back to the starting point,
- Closing the loop.

166485633 Year: 2016
Hack / PHP and bash scripts
Source code: https://github.com/01010101/AppleCronPrank

Prank your friends ... or a whole AppleStore
Take control of Macs through cron jobs + remote app/website
Source code : https://github.com/01010101/AppleCronPrank

./projects/dadaclub/dadaclub.gif Year: 2016

Contribution to the DadaClub.online project

Collapse although and a environment that.
Didn’t the.
It later collector invent art in commonplace digital it 100 tools mindness became ideas and;
Celebrating although was and logics also ways.
Private collage thanks of dada.
To of collage first contemporary.
Transfused movement dada ideas in didn’t working pioneered together digital use concepts the to;
To invent open the dada.
And images dada were
./projects/clohacking/clohacking.png Year: 2015
PHP script
Download zip file

Clo[h]a[c]king is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique derived from cloaking.
Instead of showing optimised information for a dedicated search engine, this version hides the actual page's content.
Thus, when a FB user wants to share a link to a website embedding this script (basically when he types or copy/paste one of the website's urls in a FB post), it will show a message within his Facebook post.

117475573 Year: 2015

This movie is a remake of the famous Claude Lelouch movie "It was a date".
Although using a similar technology (Google Streetview) to Diederick Overbeke's remake, it totally differs in the way that the drive through Paris was screen recorded live using Google Streetview in the same "sequence shot" way as the original, reproducing the difficulty to drive/navigate:
- speed change in curves,
- risk to take a wrong path,
- risk to land in tunnels under the road in certain portions of the path.
The soundtrack is the recording of mouse clicks and key presses during the performance.
Funnily, the movie ends more or less the same way.

./projects/mostexpensivestshit/mostexpensivestshit.png Year: 2015
Website: http://mostexpensivestshit.net

You can't spend more than $92,233,720,368,547,700.00 using Paypal.

./projects/sarkonabot/sarkonabot.png Year: 2014
Google Chrome Extension

Sarkonabot is a Google Chrome Extension which replaces references to Nicolas Sarkozy with his nickname.

Porn Roulette
./projects/pornroulette/pornroulette.png Year: 2014
Google Chrome Extension

PornRoulette is a Google Chrome Extension which opens a new incognito window and searches for porn videos based on most popular keywords in the straight, gay and shemale categories.
Default shortcut is "Alt+X".
If you allow the extension in incognito mode, you'll to be able to refresh the search without having to close the private browsing window each time.

To install it (since it was taken down from the Chrome web store 17 hours after its publication):
- download the extension and unzip it.
- go to the Chrome extensions page and enable the developer mode
- from this same page, click on the "Load Unpacked extension..." button and select the folder in which you unzipped PornRoulette
- #done

81181255 Year: 2014
Google Chrome Extension

In collaboration with / original idea by : Benjamin Gaulon
Created in 48h during Art Hack Day #disnovate @ ParsonsParis

AutocompleteMe detects when Chrome is idle, opens a new tab and starts typing random searches showing you funny autocomplete suggestions (meaning weird things that other people search for).

Post "Digital"
./projects/postdigital/postdigital.png Year: 2014
Website: http://02020202.fr/postdigital

Let everyone post "digital"

86689096 Year: 2014

3615 SELFIE is a Processing app to send images to a Minitel via an Arduino.
Pictures can originate from the webcam (you can also take snapshots) or from image files (file selector or drag&drop).
You can adjust brightness, zoom in/out, position the image then send it directly (manualy, or on a regular basis) to the Minitel via Arduino.
Optionally, you can export your picture as an Arduino sketch to make it work in a standalone mode (low-tech photoframe).

Documentation : http://graffitiresearchlab.fr/projects.php
Code : http://github.com/01010101/SELFIE3615
Traffic Booster
85517228 Year: 2014
Horn, box, Arduino, battery

The Traffic Booster's purpose is to detect when the traffic lights switch to green and sound the horn like drivers in a hurry would do behind you.
Built with Arduino, a car horn and a few electronic components (LDR, switches, relay).
69416571 Year: 2013
Interactive installation, videoprojection

Initially created for the Videoformes festival, Tag E.U.L.E. (Electronic Universal Language Expression) SMS allows the public to send text messages which are then turned into graffitis in motion, displayed on buildings via a videoprojector.
An interface allows to map the architecture (doors, windows, …) of the projection surface so the graffitis move accordingly.
DEad Minitel Orchestra
144965452 Year: since 2013
Music performance

The "DEad Minitel Orchestra (D.E.M.O.) is a hacked Minitels music band doing live performances.
The current members are Antoine Bonnet, Martin De Bie and Jerome Saint-Clair.
Minitels serie
minitelsserie Year: since 2012
Minitels, Arduino, Minitel library for Arduino

Since the end of the Minitel (French videotext terminals and services) on June 30th 2012, those devices were supposedly unusable.
Thanks to Arduino and the Minitel library for Arduino, they can now be used as low-tech digital photoframes, embedding well known home screens of Minitel adult services or more recent internet memes.
Code Poems
./projects/codepoems/codepoems.png Year: 2012
Contribution to the Code Poems book

Poetry is considered a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities. It contains multiple interpretations and therefore resonates differently in each reader.

Code is the language used to communicate with computers. It has its own rules (syntax) and meaning (semantics). Like literature writers or poets, coders also have their own style that include - strategies for optimizing the code being read by a computer, and facilitating its understanding through visual organization and comments for other coders.

Code can speak literature, logic, maths. It contains different layers of abstraction and it links them to the physical world of processors and memory chips. All these resources can contribute in expanding the boundaries of contemporary poetry by using code as a new language. Code to speak about life or death, love or hate. Code meant to be read, not run.

New era
newera Year: 2012
New Era Cap, sewed patch hosting a 32Mb memory card with a Martin Hirst's HD video
Edition of 2

What happens when a world renowned artist whose artwork sell for millions creates a video to be sold for as low as $800 in an brand new online gallery? Quickly, the HD video was leaked and intercepted.
It is now part of this piece of artwork.
htmlbody Year: 2012
Website: http://02020202.fr/htmlbody

Body close-up pictures displayed as a sequence of "HTML" words where each letter is colored differently to mimic pixels.
I don't want to network
projects/idontwanttonet/idontwanttonet.png Year: 2012
Business cards

Sometimes, you'd prefer not give business cards to these serial networkers, business developers, ...
Sometimes, you can't really refuse.
But now you can do it safely.
The Walking DeadDrops
38786165 Year: 2012

How to survive the post Internet censorship apocalypse - (Exhumed DeadDrops travel through publics transports)

In a world where the Internet is being more and more monitored and filtered, there is a urge to find new ways to send and share data over uncensored networks.

Apart from the traditional computer networks, there are other kind of networks that could be used to transfer data from point A to point B in a Point-to-Point way without worrying too much about technical solutions to counterfeit Internet censorship and stupid copyright laws.

The public transport network is one of them and it can be used to anonymously transfer data via physical devices like USB keys or memory card at a quite reasonable speed compared to usual networks, especially when transferring large volumes of data.

The WalkingDeadDrops project proposes a solution to send data (using a USB key duct taped under a seat) to someone else in a city (video was shot in Paris).

In a way, that's the Wifi version of you carrying laptops, phones, portable hard drives, DVDs, USB keys.

Protocol definition
- Recipient asks for data
- Sender packages data in a storage device (USB key, memory card)
- Sender sends data and informs recipient
- Recipient gets the data
- If missed, data will bump from once side of the line to another

- anonymity
- rather fast
- not monitored
- not censored
- not filtered

- packet loss happen here too
- encrypt your data when needed
- avoid compression (= mind your steps)
- non routing protocol unless you pay homeless people to do that for you (let's do that during SXSW next year)
- some lines are forked at their extremities
- strikes happen
- shit happens here too

Also works on buses, tramways.
Works very randomly with taxis, pedestrians.

Soundtrack "First to the Bar" by Arctic Sunrise
Inspired by Aram Bartholl's DeadDrops project
./projects/whokilledtheinternet/whokilledtheinternet.gif Year: 2012
Website: http://whokilledtheinter.net

Web 3.0 is coming soon

True animated GIFs
./projects/trueanimatedgifs/trueanimatedgifs.gif Year: 2012
Combination of (animated) GIFs
Website: http://02020202.fr/trueanimatedgifs

projects/friends/friends.gif Year: 2012

Piece shown during the "Friends" exhibition at the Fach & Asendorf Gallery
Each frame/QRCode of the animated gif points to a Twitter feed of a mutual follower at the time the piece was made.
yzokraS salociN
projects/yzokrassalocin/yzokrassalocin.png Year: 2012
Twitter account
As, during the 2012 Presidential campaign, Twitter keept censoring accounts that parody our (irony) beloved President of France, I built a Processing app using the Twitter4j library which flips and posts the tweets of @nicolassarkozy to illustrate the fact that he was walking on his head.

Twitter account : http://twitter.com/yzokrassalocin

Original source code by V3GA
This isn't public yet
projects/thisisntpublicyet/thisisntpublicyet.png Year: 2011
Website: http://02020202.fr/thisisntpublicyet

Based on a common request when showing previews to friends before releasing new projects
Invest in art online
projects/investinartonline/investinartonline.png Year: 2011
Javascript bookmark

Dear art collector/investor.

I know why you feel super frustrated when browsing net artist's websites:
You cannot put those little red dots next to art pieces while saying:
"Darling, let's buy this for the Miami's house. It will fit perfectly next to the Rothko, don't you think?"

But I have a solution for you: the "Invest in Art online" bookmarklet
Drag'n'Drop Invest into your toolbar and start experiencing investing in art online when visiting websites.
See a wonderful artwork online? Click the bookmarklet and a red dot will show up next to it.
"Darling, can you come here a minute???!!!"

Artwork above is from Evan Roth
23895989 Year: 2011
Processing application

GMLFlip is an app which you can use to turn graffiti into flip books.
You can either draw directly or carbon copy a tag by dragging and dropping a picture that you can use as a guideline.
The export function will create a set of pictures that you can print to create your flip book.
Alternatively, you can save the drawing as a GML file.

Source code: Github repository
Packaged apps for every platform here
20032696 Year: 2011
Processing application

GIFflip is a tool which lets you turn animated gifs into flip books.
Quoted as "The greatest thing since dial-up modems" by Wes Nijssen on Twitter

Source code: Github repository
Packaged apps for every platform here
Digital Graffiti Remover
digitalgraffitiremover Year: 2011
Javascript bookmarklet

Since digital graffiti now exists, why not create a digital graffiti remover?
Drag'n'Drop DIGITAL GRAFFITI REMOVER into your toolbar and remove every single tag and graffiti from the websites you visit.
CAUTION: use with extreme care: our Digital Graffiti Remover is extremely efficient and will also remove html tags.
twitternity Year: 2011
Funeral plates on granite

Tweets from/for our missing ones.
Create your own online here
anonymizers Year: 2010
Plexiglass, vinyl, vinyl stickers

Digital pictures anonymisation effects for everyday's life.
Two 1 hour speed projects.
105742293 Year: since 2010
Processing library, also using the Toxiclibs library

This library aims to provide a maximum help in the parsing and manipulation of gml elements and allow people to focus on the drawing side by implementing their own way to draw.

Downloads: github repository or packaged library
Related links: graffitimarkuplanguage.com, 000000book.com, F.A.T. Lab
Obama GML Playa
14575301 Year: 2010
Processing applet using the GML4U and the Toxiclibs libraries

A collaboration with Golan Levin for GraffitiMarkupLanguage + F.A.T. Lab.

Based on a popular public-domain image of President Obama signing his initials on a wall, the Obama GML Playa
shows the President drawing and redrawing random selections from the #000000book library of GML tags.

You can also launch it as an interactive Internet applet.
writtenimages Year: 2010
Processing application using the Toxiclibs library

Some screenshots of my submission for the WrittenImages project, a generative book that presents programmed images by various artists.
Each print in process is calculated individually - which makes every single book unique.
Drawing with particles
6497889 Year: 2009
Processing application using the Toxiclibs library

Interactive drawing tool
Code source on openprocessing.org
3955206 Year: 2009
Interactive installation (Wiimote) using Processing with the wrj4P5 and the Ess libraries, an Arduino board and the Arduino Library for Processing

Created for the "L'art à l'orée du bois" group show at the Robert Dubois-Corneau museum of Brunoy, France.
The visitor finds himself in a forest, at night. He can hear sounds (birds, owls, steps, dogs,...) around him.
He controls a ray of light with a wiimote to discover the forest around him and can see animal's eyes blinking in the dark.
drawings Year: 2008
Serie of 12 drawings
Indian ink on acid-free Sennelier paper (6 x 8")

Buy Art
./projects/buyart/buyart.png Year: 2006
PHP page, secured money transaction server
Website http://02020202.fr/buyart

Here you can buy ART (Paypal's secured transaction).
If you want to spend more money, we recommend that you renew the operation.
UGA v5 From logs #002
ugav5fromlogs002 Year: 2006
PHP page, MySQL database, PHP GD library

In "From logs #002", images are built from the website's logs on a daily basis.
Each hit is transformed into a white pixel and its position set in a black rectangle where each line equals 8 minutes of the day.
UGA v4.0 Hidden
./projects/ugav4hidden/ugav4hidden.png Year: 2006
PHP pages with regex

This project had the same goal as "uga v3.0db: this way".
However, to avoid maintaining a huge amount of data, a tool was used to vampirize contemporary art web sites.
These pages, indexed by search engines, remained unseen to the visitors.

This project was canceled after a claim issued by the artfacts.net's administrator.
UGA V3.0bd Unsatisfied
./projects/unsatisfied/unsatisfied.png Year: 2006
PHP page with color library
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav30dbunsatisfied

This is the redirection page for people trying to access "uga v4.0: hidden" from search engines.
People unsatisfied with their search can also be unsatisfied with the colors and thus change
them by clicking on "unsatisifed ?" ... or wait until the page refreshs by itself.
UGA v3.0db YNM
./projects/ynm/ynm.png Year: 2005
PHP page, MySQL database, color library
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav30dbynm

YNM asks two kind of questions: Did you see the last [name] exhibition? Will you see the next [name] exhibition?
Names are taken from a contemporary artists database.
Colors used for display are randomly choosen and harmonized with a specific algorithm.
UGA v2.0 Iliad & Odyssey
./projects/iliadandodyssey/iliadandodyssey.png Year: 2004
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav20iliadandodyssey

According to an old epicurian argument, letters thrown infinitely would, one time, by chance, compose
the whole text of Homer's Iliad & Odissey. From Clement Rosset (philosoph) in "Logique du pire".
UGA v2.0 Mankind
./projects/mankind/mankind.png Year: 2001
Javascript, mouse interaction
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav20mankind

Geometric shapes variations.
UGA v1.0 Shapes
./projects/shapes/shapes.png Year: 2001
Javascript, mouse interaction
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav10shapes

Geometric shapes variations.
UGA v1.0 Dots & Triangles
./projects/dotsandtriangles/dotsandtriangles.png Year: 2001
Javascript, mouse interaction
Website http://02020202.fr/ugav10dotsandtriangles

Geometric shapes variations.